Enda Regan Music History

Enda Regan Music History

As with many aspects of my life I have taken my inspiration from my Father Christy following in his footsteps into the music Industry. Christy played the Double Bass in Show bands for years so naturally I heard all his stories from that time. This was my first push into music and my cousin Kieran, who was a drummer was my inspiration to pick up drum sticks. 

Starting at the age of 9 in Boyle Town Marching band, first playing the snare drum, I graduated to play the Quads or Marching Toms. 

From there I naturally progressed to drum Kit and then started playing with local bands. First starting with Thin Lizzy Tribute Band "Thizzy", then forming Out and Outer which thankfully still is in operation nearly 10 years later. 

As side from Out and Out I currently play with local cover band The Antics and Claremorris based Country and Western Band, The David Connors Band. 

I have also filled in with other bands such as: Snakebite, Like My Stereo, As The Miller Burns and Top of the Popz and others along the way! 

Drumming is a massive part of my life and I happily use: PDP drums, DW Hardware, Remo Drum heads, Sabian cymbals and Vic Firth Drum Sticks.