Why you need to visit Achill Island!

This is why you need to Visit Achill Island

Instead of me just harping on about Achill Island and how beautiful it is, I'm just going to let my photographs do the job for me. 


Achill Island

Have you ever seen such a coastline? Both Ailbhe (My Girlfriend) and I decided to take the trip to Achill to see what all the fuss was about. It didn't take us long to figure out why it has to be on your bucket list. 


The wild Atlantic has shaped this coastline, cut it's way into the land allowing for this amazing, beautiful and harsh view. 


Achill Sound

You will see that Achill is an Island of contrast. It has awe inspiring coastlines but has the calm, stillness and welcoming picture of beautiful beaches. The water so clear and blue, something that is almost never seen along many of Irelands beaches. 


I like to keep my posts short and sweet and to the point. Just take the trip, next Saturday you don't have anything on? Then just go! You might even get to see the locals. 


Achill Island Sheep

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