About Enda


Enda Regan

Hi and thanks a million for checking out my site. 

So who am I? I don't even really know! :) 

Well I'm Christy and Mary Regan's son for a start off so this will give you an idea of how I got into Photography. Aside from that I work professionally in Marketing and am a Drummer with local bands/ groups. 

The idea behind this site is simple. I wanted one location to highlight what I do. To be a marketing professional and not have your own site is a little bit of a taboo so I thought I would also highlight my love for Photography and Drumming. 

I don't really know what else to say as writing about yourself is a little difficult. So why not just drop me a line and we can see if I can help you out with your marketing for your business, do a photo job for you or god even knows we could jam together. 

That's me anyway so hope you hear from you! 

All the best,